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Matija Danko,certified boat mechanic,runs the bussines,and works on boats also. Involved in engines from childhood,and passion for everything that has engine,this passion has become way of living. And constant improving skills,gathering informations and experience,to provide excellent service on yachts propulsion systems.

We are dedicated to maintained,service and repair  diesel marine engines and generators. Diesel engines are still indeed very important part of marine propulsion systems and they need good hands to keep them running strong and efficiently.

With our team of mechanics Chris Ralf Hlubik and Carsten Hoffman, experienced boat mechanics who are working as a family.

And here we come «in play»,experience,good work,and recommendations from customers are sign that choosing Dynamic Marine Diesel you are in good hands. Our goal is to be concentrated only to offer services regarding engines and generators,because then is possible to deliver excellent service,and reliable work


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